A money game - without limits

Have you ever really seen your money work?

1) Please, take a money bill and cut off the part with the image, the best way shown

2) If you by now, donīt want to glue the two pieces back together, then there are three remaining possibilities:
- keep both pieces and wait...
- bring the bigger piece to the bank...
- continue as follows and propagate...

"The bank we are!"

3) Each participant of the game reveils publicly value and number of series of the invested bills.

4) All other participants recognize as currency among themselves all the "invalidated" rest-pieces.
Trust is good, control possible at any time.

5) Personally, locally, regionally or however else one decides,
- whether and how the bigger-sized pieces are "invested" (?!),
- whether and how further PR are realized and
- whether and how new game-rounds are agreed upon.

6) End of the 2nd decade of play is 31-12-2020.
Depending upon the progress of the game each participant will be payed off acording their investment.

7) The ones who have public business rooms
can communicate their cooperation with the bank-logo exposed in the windows.